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Visitation Catholic

A Diverse & Vibrant Community of Young Learners

Our School Auction is Online! May 5 – 10, Register Today!

Join us online, from Tuesday, May 5 through Sunday, May 10 at

At Visitation Catholic STEM Academy we believe that through our communion and through our diversity, we encounter God.  We recognize God’s love in the world.  Amidst the hardship of this pandemic, our families have told stories about perseverance, excellence, and love that are both humbling and inspiring.  To share in communion with this diverse community of faith is a privilege and a blessing. 

The upcoming auction is an opportunity to celebrate our generous supporters and to welcome our extended community of faith.  Going online for our auction is not preferred, but it is an opportunity to connect with people who may have a hard time attending a live auction.  In a special way, we welcome those who have moved away or who have not connected with the school in a while.  We celebrate the families who return to us every year and our school’s growth depends on your continued support. 

During the 2019-2020 school year, Visitation has provided over $200,000.00 in tuition assistance.  Our goal is to raise $110,000.00 from this year’s auction.  The story of Visitation is one of growth and excellence.  We serve these students with anticipation for the many ways that they will bring hope and joy to the world. It is a privilege to share in this ministry with all of you.  Thank you for considering your support for our online auction.  


Marc Nuno