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Visitation Catholic

A Diverse & Vibrant Community of Young Learners

Job Postings

Job Description: Administrative Assistant
Full Time Position
12 months
(Revised May 2020)
Based on a candidate’s experience and skills in relation to the job description as well as the mission of the school.
Hourly, Full Time
Includes Health Benefits
Preferred Skills and Experience
  • As a Catholic school, gospel values, prayer, and a belief in a loving God are essential to how our school operates.  It is not a requirement for this position to be Catholic, however, in order for our school to thrive, everyone needs to have an understanding of and a willingness to embody all that it means to be part of a Catholic community.
  • Inspire a spirit of welcome and service with everyone who encounters the school.
  • Ensure respectful and appropriate communication of school policies with all community members.
  • Maintain professional communication both verbally and in writing.
  • Comfortable use of the internet and digital tools, for example, maintaining the school’s website, creating and sending online newsletters, and using an online database for student records.
  • Willingness to learn new things.
  • Listen to others, act with patience, and seek excellence in all that we do.
  • Serve as a positive and contributing community member.
  • Bilingual – Spanish or Vietnamese are the languages that would be most responsive to our community.
Job Description
  • Collaborate with the school staff in planning, implementing, and evaluating the school’s goals and objectives, with a specific focus on administrative support services.
  • Welcome people to Visitation.  Generally, promote a spirit of welcome and service to those who interface with the school office.
  • Complete attendance daily primarily between 8 am and 9 am.
  • Daily attendance reports should be completed by 10 am. Reports include a hot lunch count which will be shared with the kitchen manager.
  • Ensure that all students who are not in school have been contacted and responded to the school within three days.
  • Ensure confidentiality in accordance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • Develop and publish the weekly school family newsletter.
  • Maintain the school calendar and principal’s calendar.  The school calendar needs to be published on paper and online.
  • Update allergy information and publish to all school personnel.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn new technology as it pertains to ongoing communication among the school staff and families.
  • Ensure that maintenance and termination of school records align with Archdiocese of Seattle policies.
  • Supervise the distribution and return of school keys.  Personnel should only be given access to spaces that are necessary and there should be a time limit so that keys are returned after use.
  • Visitors should be welcomed and have their questions answered as promptly as possible.
  • Answer phone calls and emails as soon as possible, and consistently within 48 hours.
  • Provide for the establishment and maintenance of a comprehensive filing system for both student and personnel files and records, and the principal’s files.
  • Maintain and update student records including but not limited to: emergency contact information, immunizations, sacramental records, custody documentation, data on grades, standardized tests, and attendance.
  • Provide a smooth registration experience for families, following the registration process outlined by the marketing and enrollment procedures.  This should be handled differently than and separately from the inquiry and application process.
  • Manage the application process for new students.
  • Coordinate regular communication with current families regarding registration as well as with new families who have shown interest in the school.
  • Provide monthly or weekly communication for families who are new to the school but have not yet begun.
  • Maintain accurate records concerning the number of inquiries, number of applications completed, and number of new registrations.
  • Maintain updated records for registration and re-registration.
  • Tracks completed fees for applications and registrations.
  • Ensure updated registration and contact information is inputted into the school’s student management system and learning management system.
  • Ensure accurate records are maintained in the school development database and ensure that data for all fundraisers is kept in one database.  Database should be updated within one week of receiving new contact information.
  • Maintain donor records, including all contact information, the dates of donations, and the amounts of donations.
  • Maintain alumni records including all contact information, the dates of donations, and the amounts of donations.
  • Give tours to families who are interested in registering.
  • Request transcripts from previous schools for new families.
  • Oversee the work of volunteers around the school, in particular in the school office.  This is accomplished by recruiting, orienting, training, and supervising adult volunteers.
  • Manage Service Hour and Fund Raising Reports two to three times per year
  • Give limited first aid to students.
  • Dispense medicine to students in accordance with school policies.  A doctor’s signature is required for any medicine that is dispensed during the school day.
  • Ensure the completion of injury reports and communicate injuries to school parents by phone.
  • Record attendance of school faculty and staff.
  • Maintain a monthly record of substitute teacher hours for payment.
  • Manage the use of the PA (public announcement) system.
  • Be knowledgable about the school’s security systems and fire alarms.
  • Oversee the maintenance of office machines and equipment.  Track any contracts that the school maintains with vendors and ensure that maintenance is contacted and completed when machines are not operating properly.
  • Maintain and record the petty cash fund.
  • Organize photo day.
  • Assist the PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization).
  • Assist the principal in any designated task related to the school.  This can include but is not limited to: preparation for meetings, reminders about upcoming events and deadlines, ensuring the professionalism of all school communications, and keeping the office and staff room organized and orderly.
  • Maintain updated school website
  • Receive money for student events and issue receipts. Forward the money to the appropriate personnel, most often the school bookkeeper or SCRIP volunteer.
  • Ensure that all volunteers have completed Safe Environment Training.
  • Ensure that all drivers on field trips have submitted the appropriate paperwork.
  • Assist with contacting substitute teachers at the principal’s request.  The general protocol is that teachers must find their own substitutes.
  • Assist the principal with student behavioral issues as needed.
  • Ensure that emergency contact information is accurate in the school’s learning management system as well as the student management system.
  • Prepare the front office for emergency response, including oversight of any emergency response assignments that are given to school office personnel.
  • Ensure that copies of updated emergency contact information is ready to be brought out of the school building in case of an emergency.  That can be done by having redundancy in copies in classroom emergency bags as well as in an office emergency container.
  • Maintain class lists, a family directory, and labels for students and families.
  • Maintain an updated staff directory as well as assisting the principal with updating all personnel records annually.
  • Assist the principal with ensuring that all families sign the school handbook, complete emergency contact information, and any other required documentation before the completion of the second week of school.  Families who do not complete the required paperwork may not attend classes until those documents are signed and submitted.
  • Assist the principal with scheduling Parent-Teacher Conferences two times per year.
  • Provide teachers with all field trip information that they may need.
  • Coordinate the collection and publication of student supply lists and student summer work assignments.
  • Ensure the creation of cumulative records for all new students and maintain records for all current students.
  • Maintain individual files for students with Student Support Plans.
  • Open and distribute mail to appropriate parties.  Keep a supply of stamps, various sized envelopes, and other essential office supplies in stock.
  • Mail letters as needed and open packages and keep packing slips for proof of receipt.  Check invoices as well as check requests to see that they are correct and code before sending to the principal for approval and signature.
  • Order textbooks as needed and instructional supplies.
  • Maintain the visitor log-in and log-out.  Ensure that all volunteers have completed Safe Environment Training and all other visitors must be accompanied by school faculty or staff at all times while on campus.
  • Assist with Free and Reduced Lunch paperwork, Title I paperwork, and Title III paperwork that needs to be sent home and returned to the school.
  • Process paperwork for student technology and photo release forms for every student in the school.
  • Maintain emergency supplies for the whole school and individual classrooms.
  • Assist the principal with the completion and distribution of report cards.
  • Procure all graduation gowns, certificates, and diplomas.
  • Send transcripts for transferring and graduating students.
  • Maintain a calendar for use of the school facility such as use of resource classrooms and kitchen. Also, communicate with users the expectations for cleanliness.
  • Maintain the bulletin board for parent communication.
  • Maintain the reader board.
  • Receive SCRIP orders and distribute SCRIP orders after the orders have been prepared by SCRIP volunteers.
  • Process background checks.
  • Track memorials and order name plates for the board.
  • Manage the school voicemail messages.  Update the machine when there are school closures such as when there is a snow closure.
  • Order fire alarm and extinguisher checks.
  • Receive classroom checkout forms after signed by the principal or principal designee for end of year.
  • Order custodial supplies for the school, and at times for the parish.
  • Reserve parish facilities for the following year
  • Pick up mail from the parish once per week.
  • Report any background check concerns to the principal.
  • Ensure completion of annual reports to the Fulcrum Foundation, the Archdiocese of Seattle, the Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction, and the AHERA report.
  • Ensure confidentiality of staff records.
  • Ensure effective distribution of invitations for the annual fund.
  • Provide monthly or weekly communication for families who are new to the school but have not yet begun.
  • Assist the principal with the completion of an annual report
  • Prepare and maintain the school handbook, faculty handbook, and staff handbook, in collaboration with the principal, including all updates for school policies as well as Archdiocesan policies.
  • All duties as assigned by the principal.
Please send a resume and cover letter to the principal, Marc Nuno, at  The cover letter should include a brief introduction, how your skills and experience are a good fit for this role, and describe the reasons for wanting this position.