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Distance Learning

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Distance Learning Photos

We believe that God made us to be a diverse community of faith.  Sharing your photos helps us to stay connected during this time of distance learning and social distancing.



Distance Learning Overview

Learning Targets

Learning Targets are a research based approach to ensuring student learning.  They are a regular part of classroom instruction at Visitation because they communicate what will be learned and why it is important.  Their impact is not limited to the classroom, however, they can be applied to any learning environment.  The Visitation team will be sharing Learning Targets with the parents and students on a weekly basis and sometimes on a daily basis.  You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the learning targets for each lesson and to seek understanding for the purpose of each lesson.


Week #2 March 23-27

Week 2 Handout


Math Learning Targets Week 2

ELA Learning Targets Week 2

Math LEARNING TARGET: Composing and decomposing numbers to 8 using number bonds, stories and drawings.
Why is this important? Composing (adding), and decomposing (subtraction), is vital to the understanding and higher level thinking in math. Of course, knowing that 2 and 2 is 4 is important to know, practicing telling stories and making drawings about composing, or adding numbers is an important component in having number sense.
English / Language Arts LEARNING TARGET: Students will recognize and reproduce rhyming words. Children will work toward segmenting the different sounds in words.
WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Recognizing rhymes and being able to continue a rhyming pattern supports reading readiness and all over confidence in their literacy skills. This skill takes a lot of practice. Segmenting and identifying the different phonemes (sounds) in words has also been shown to be a critical early literacy skill. Believe it or not, being able to identify phonemes has been shown to help support children in their math skills as well!
You can also help your child identify the number of syllables in a word. The children have done this in class…..they hold their hand under their chin, say a work and they can feel the number of times their chin goes down…..and that’s the number of syllables.
Grade 1

First grade essential learning standards

All learning targets are available through Google Classroom.

Grades 3 and 2

2-3 Learning Targets

Grades 4 and 5

Distance Learning Summary

Grades 5 and 4 Learning Targets

6-8 ELA

Essential Standards and Learning Targets

 6-8 Math

Middle School Math Essential Standards and Learning Targets

Specialist Classes


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PE Lesson Plans for March 17 to April 24, 2020

Digital Tools

The table above does not fully describe the number of ways that students are engaging in distance learning.  A variety of digital learning tools are being used across all grade levels: Google classroom, Zearn, Class Dojo, Khan Academy, Youtube, iXL, teacher created video lessons.  Please contact the classroom teacher or Marc Nuno at, if you have any difficultly connecting to the work that the students are doing.  


Additional Information

School Office Open

The school is not closed.  Beginning on Tuesday, March 17 and ending on April 24, Visitation will implement a distance learning model.  The principal and school staff will be available in the school office from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.   The reason for school closures across the nation is to practice social distancing.  Please honor the intent of this action and use phone calls before visiting the school.  Families will be granted access to classrooms for personal belongings and to complete school business.  School tours will be given to prospective families.  We want to be as supportive as possible to our current families during this challenging time.  Please refrain from visiting the school if anyone in the family is experiencing any type of sickness.

Take Home a School Computer

Computers will be loaned to students who need a computer at home.  Phones are not a  preferred tool for learning in a Distance Learning model.  If for any reason your family does not have a computer, or sufficient computers at home to meet the needs of the children in your family, please send an email to Miss Margie, or Marc Nuno,  We will work together to meet the needs of our families.  If we maximize the capacity of our school computers we will work together to find other options. 

Basic Distance Learning Guidelines

  • The focus will be on math and English / language arts – two hours per day.  Some families work all day, will come home to make dinner, then have two hours of work to do before bed.  Being respectful of the challenges that school families experience, two hours is our expectation.  PK will have somewhat less work and grades six through eight will have somewhat more work, around 15 to 30 minutes per day.  Students in grades six through eight will be given projects in STEM and social studies. 
  • Learning targets (also called objectives) are a research based tool for learning.  Please familiarize yourselves with the learning targets for each lesson and seek to understand the purpose of each lesson.
  • A variety of digital learning tools will be used across all grade levels: Google classroom, Zearn, Class Dojo, Khan Academy, Youtube, iXL, teacher created video lessons.
  • Teachers will be meeting as a team every Monday during this distance learning time period. 
  • Students will need parent support as part of the learning process leading to independent practice.  As a parent/teacher, the balance can be challenging.  Know that you are doing your best and remember the power of “yet.”  Students not being able to do something independently  means that instruction can be changed to provide more scaffolding that will lead to independence and success. 
  • For now, the plan is to have Easter Break from Monday, April 13 through Friday, April 17 but that may change.  Also, the end of the school year will remain June 12 until otherwise communicated. 

Day Care for First Responders and Health Care Workers

Washington’s governor, Jay Inslee, permitted schools to provide day care for first responders and health care workers.  Any parent or guardian at Visitation who serves in these capacities will be provided with day care service.  Please contact Miss Margie, or Marc Nuno, in order to learn more about day care at Visitation.  It will be hosted by school team members Kelli Bostwick, Josefa Torres, and Gabriela Huerta. 

Free and Reduced Lunch

Tacoma Public Schools Nutrition Services Department will provide meals to all students affected by emergency school closures beginning Monday, March 16 at middle school buildings included in the attached link.

Meals will be served between 10 a.m. and noon.  Each student will receive two meals: lunch for the day and breakfast for the following morning.  Please enter through the school’s bus loading zone. The Nutrition Services staff will serve drive-thru style. Walk-ups are also welcome.  Please look for the onsite sandwich boards for additional directions.  The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department has approved this process for meal distribution, which avoids people congregating in one area.

Cecilia Tun, Visitation’s Hot Lunch Program Director, is in the process of calling every family at Visitation that qualifies for Free and Reduced Lunch.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to the school if you need any support.


Practice Compassion

A letter from the Washington Department of Health says the following: “Remember to have compassion for yourself.  This is a stressful time, with changes to events we looked forward to, potential job impacts of closures, and worry for your health and for our loved ones.  Take a minute to breathe.  You are doing your best!”  (Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission, COVID-19 Information, March 12, 2020)