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Visitation Catholic

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A New Catholic Community and New Facility for Visitation

January 13, 2021
Dear Visitation Family,
     Visitation’s move to a new local school facility continues to develop!  At Visitation we believe that Catholic education is about relationships, therefore, the opportunity to connect with parishioners from St. Rita, St. Ann, Visitation, and St. John of the Woods was highly anticipated.  During the final weeks of December, there were Zoom meetings with parishioners from of the parishes involved in this new partnership.   The feedback from the meetings, especially regarding the school, was inspiring and positive!  A parishioner from St. Ann commented that she had been a Catholic school teacher and she was very joyful about the idea of having a parish with a school.  A parishioner from St. Rita shared similar positive feelings about welcoming a school to the parish community.  The positive response from these meetings is great to receive!  There will be many good people who will partner with us as we form this new Catholic community.  As a ministry of the parish, our school will grow stronger and we will be blessed with new families who will enrich our lives.
     The anticipation and optimism for this move is genuine.  Yet, it is also important to respect the struggle and sadness that is associated with this move.  It is okay for us to feel both, that is, to remain in solidarity with our school family members who are asked to say goodbye to fond memories, while also forging forward with optimism for growth and blessings, and with gratitude that our new Catholic community will bolster our school’s mission.
     It looks like our first day in the new facility will be in the fall of 2022, one school year away from the next school year.  The most significant progress has been made in the area of planning.  There have been discussions with a school architect, initial communication with the city of Tacoma regarding permits, and proposals for a timeline have been drafted.  The progress of our planning could not have happened without the support and commitment of the staff at the Archdiocese, and their contributions deserve to be recognized and honored.   It also shows a momentum and enthusiasm for this move which will mean great things for the students at Visitation as well as the ongoing growth of our school’s beliefs and mission.
Please feel free to reach out to me if you can or want to help with the transition in any way.
With optimism and appreciation,
Marc Nuno
*For more information about Visitation’s move to a new facility, please read this letter from Principal Marc Nuno, and this letter from Archbishop Etienne.