Mission Statement

Visitation Catholic STEM Academy prepares students to engage the world of today as disciples of Jesus Christ. In the 21st century world, where science, technology, engineering, and math are highly valued, Visitation students will fulfill this mission by learning to integrate faith and reason in the study of real-world problems, to understand how the world works through science, the arts, and religion, and to live out their Catholic and Apostolic Faith in service to the greater community. To reach this vision our school and parish community will work in collaboration with multiple partners to:


  • Integrate STEM across all curricula
  • Solve problems and think critically in all course work
  • Discover and explore beyond the boundaries of our classrooms
  • Employ new technologies and design solutions to real-world problems
  • Inspire connections between questions of faith and reason
  • Create connections to humanities such as languages, literature, philosophy, religion, and visual and performing arts
  • Incorporate affiliations with local businesses, the military, and industries in aerospace and technology throughout the greater Puget Sound

Root Beliefs, Core Values, Mission & SLEs

Visitation Catholic STEM Academy
Mission & Vision Statement