2018-19 Parish Grant Application

18-19 Parish Grant Application


2018 – 2019 Parish Grant Application

(Parish Subsidy/Assistance for Catholic Elementary School Full Time Tuition Costs)

Please return the completed application to the School office.  All information will be kept in the strictest confidence. Families who are registered at Visitation Parish and qualify for In-Parish Tuition will meet with the Pastor and may receive a grant from the Pastor based on that meeting.

PK – 8  TUITION:                           Parishioner(with subsidy)                           Non-Parishioner/Non-Catholic       

1 child                                                                          $5,526                            1 child                                $6,283

2 children                                                                   $9,554                            2 children                         $10,879

3 children                                                                   $11,971                           3 children                         $13,636

4 children                                                                  $13,582                          4 children                         $16,393

Each additional child: $1,183                              Each additional child:   $1,328

Our parish highly values Catholic education and seeks to support parish families in their child’s faith development.  Parish funds are set aside each year to aid families who have demonstrated that Faith Commitment is important to their way of life.  Through active participation in the life and worship of their parish, families demonstrate their partnership and mutual support of the parish and the mission of Christ.

Family Profile

Parishioner’s name  _______________________________________________________

Home address ________________________________________________zip _________

Phone numbers   Home ________________  Work _______________ Cell _____________

Primary contact phone number ____________________ Best time to call _______________

How long have you been registered at Visitation Parish? __________

Family status  ____married   ____divorced   ____separated   ____single parent   ____widowed

Total Family Size (including parents and other persons dependent and residing in the home) ______

# of children ______

# of children in Catholic grade schools this fall ______

# of children in Catholic high school this fall ______

Parish Participation Description

Worship:             How often do you/your family attend weekend Mass?  ____________

Other worship opportunities in which you participate   ___________________________




Activity Participation (sharing of time and talent):

Please list the parish groups in which you, your spouse and/or your children participate and serve, thus sharing of your God-given time and talent.

___________________________                           __________________________

___________________________                           __________________________

___________________________                           __________________________

___________________________                           __________________________

Financial (sharing of treasure):

  • Have you signed and submitted a Parish Stewardship Commitment Card for the current year? ______ If so, are you fulfilling your commitment? ______
  • Do you use parish envelopes? _____ If so, how often? ______
  • Do you contribute to special collections? If so please check:

______Annual Catholic Appeal

______Rice Bowl

______Catholic Relief Services

______Others _________________    _________________       ________________            ant Request:

Grant Request for:

Child’s Name: ___________________________________Grade 2018-19

2nd Child:            _________________________________ Grade 2018-19

3rd Child:             _________________________________ Grade 2018-19

4th Child:             _________________________________ Grade 2018-19

Catholic Elementary School: __________________________________

Incomplete applications may jeopardize your request as they cannot be processed.


Additional Information:  Please use the space below to provide any additional information you think may be helpful.